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About Joanna Joy Photographer

Born as a photographer:-) In my early years I was strongly attracted by professional cameras. When I saw a professional big camera my children’s eyes opened wide and I heard music or the beginning of a beautiful story: Once upon a time in an unseen and hidden world beyond space and time…

My mother said: No, please do not become a photographer, the artists are poor people, start studying something. Then I went for studies. I have studied at some Universities in Europe: Warsaw University (Poland), University of Konstanz (Germany), University of Huddersfield (Yorkshire, UK), University of Vienna (Austria). I have studied Political Science, Media & Communication, Visual & TV Communication with a lot of (photographic) light around me.

And last but not least… I have been a photographer for more than fifteen years working for an established and popular customer base (please have a look at my references).

Here and now I would like to thank all customers who supported me over the years. Thank you!

I would like to thank God for all the beautiful locations, countries I could visit for photo shoots and for the countries that will still follow.

Also, a big ‚thank you‘ to Switzerland where I am based right now.

You can contact me in English, German and Polish. I have just started to learn French because of Paris Fashion Week, where I work regularly.

I am looking forward to hear from you! If you have any special needs in terms of photography or if you have developed certain ideas or if you work for a gallery and would like to organize an exhibition with my works… please contact me!


Welcome to the world of photography, your world and my world,

Joanna Joy

Please feel free to contact me via e-mail or phone/whatsup.

What are you looking for? Commercial pictures, fashion pictures, artistic pictures?

Or artistic modern classic, natural, candid, memorable wedding photos? I am glat to hear from you.

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Fashion Photography

Why I love fashion photography? I just love it. It represents photography in it is purest form: an idea, realised through whatever means required, all cameras, it is about what concept was dreamt up while the stylist, ME – photographer and model are on the location…


Real Estate Photography

A large part of selling a property these days is about making it look good on the real estate sites. However, being successful in real estate photography requires some techniques and consideration that sets it apart from other photographic disciplines. Trust to the knowledge of Joanna Joy.

Envato Co.

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